According to Ayurveda, most chronic disorders arise from the accumulation of impurities and obstruct the proper functioning of the body’s delicate biochemistry. The therapies in Ayurvedic work extensively to purify the toxins ‘ body and maintain healthy health.

Neelima Healthcare provides specific treatment services (click below for more information):

➔ Arthritis

➔ Diabetes

➔ Psoriasis

➔ Insomnia

➔ Infertility


➔ Post Delivery Mother Care

Neelima Healthcare only provides true ayurvedic therapy. Under the supervision of the experienced trainers, our education and treatment protocols are supervised by Indian Top Ayurvedic Physicians. We work synergistically together to eliminate the complexity of our contaminants, our strong yet comfortable Ayurvedic therapies, thus balancing the physiology in general.

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