Beauty Care

Beauty Care

In a comfortable, quiet environment of Neelima Ayurvedic Healthcare Hospital, the unique combination of specially designed Ayurvedic Therapies with skin-and beauty-care spa treatments is sure to leave you shiny.

Let our spa therapists ‘ expert hands work their magic to restore and preserve your innate skin’s elegance. Let our trainees carry out conventional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the body’s natural balance and watch yourself transform.

Neelima Ayurvedic Health Care Hospital’s Lavanya is a personalized natural skin & beauty treatment scheme that ensures your health and radiance irrespective of whether you want to reawaken the senses, repair the surface or flush toxins for the cure!

A mild detoxification procedure like Nasyam is included in the kit, and advanced beauty enhancing treatments such as Nhavarakizhi and Pichu are followed to create inner radiance.


Neelima Ayurvedic Healthcare can be undertaken for a period of fifteen or seven days.

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