Toxic compounds are typically stored in the body for a number of reasons, causing damage to cells and tissues, leaving us vulnerable to many serious health conditions such as cancer, liver & kidney damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis and so on.

In the middle of a busy day, periodic stomach upheavals, nausea, irritability, a general sense of depression or exhaustion are often indicators that detoxification is the time. Very often no symptoms and no indication is given until the problems occur.

The Panchakarma services of Neelima Healthcare are specifically designed to eliminate these toxins.

In addition to Abhyanga (oil massage), & Swedana (steam bath) procedures for complete detoxification & purification from the inside, this detoxification method primarily involves The Panchakarmas–the traditional Ayurveda treatments such as Vamanam (Emeses), Virechaanam (Purgation) & Vastis (Enema) and Nasya (Nasal Installation).

Panchakarma is available in three formats.

● 21 Days— a complete and relaxed program for people of low age or with health issues.

● 14 Days — An abundant healthy program.

● 9 Days— This program has been specifically designed for people who are strong & young and have no time available.