Neelima Healthcare Diabetes Program offers the most integrated natural approach to diabetes with regard to the identification of causes and treatment of these diseases.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the pancreas develops insulin not enough or when the body can not use insulin effectively. High blood sugar in chronic conditions can cause serious health problems.

The primary cause of diabetes is poor digestion. Low digestion contributes to the production of a sticky toxin known as ama that can accumulate and affect the production of insulin in pancreatic cells.

The Neelima Healthcare Diabetics programme, by removing depth-seated impurities to create a healthier metabolic system, addresses the root cause of diabetes. Throughout the biology our detox therapies promote immunity, stimulate digestion, and rejuvenate tissues. In addition to our medications, nutritional and behavioral changes are prescribed to improve insulin production and to restore balance.

As a result of our ayurvedic diabetes program, some guests reported success in controlling their blood sugar levels.

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