Low Back Pain


Low Back Pain


Pain in the lower back limits movement and reduces the ability to work and appreciate the quality of daily life and makes everyday life a misery. Low back pain can also often be triggered by forcing oneself beyond physical or emotional capacity.

Common causes

  • Bad pattern of posture.
  • Lack of exercise or incorrect exercise can lead to low back pain as well.
  • Low back pain is also caused by too much weight or overweight.

Ayurvedic treatment

Internal as well as external treatments are undertaken to treat low back pain. Herbal preparations such as’ Asthakvargam’ are internally administered. In this state, herbal medicines such as Yogaraja guggulu, Lakshadi guggulu, Triphala guggulu, Dashmul or Mahanarayana tailam topical applications are useful.

Ayurvedic physical therapy such as abhyanga is of great help in alleviating back pain.

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