Post Delivery Mother Care

Post Delivery Mother Care

Neelima Healthcare is a traditional Ayurvedic kerala post-delivery treatment for mother aimed at a holistic rejuvenation of the mother’s health. Ayurveda advises a special dietary and lifestyle regimen for the first 45 days after birth. This involves Ayurvedic medicines prepared in our pharmacy, post-natal massages, body and face application of herbal paste, medicated water bath with vethoushadam, abdominal bandaging, yoga, and much more.

Neelima Healthcare offers 7 to 28 days of Post-natal care treatments.


● Removes physical labor-trauma.

● Restore abdominal muscle shape and color.

● Regulation encouraging breast milk secretion.

● Rejuvenates, Mother relaxes.

● Relieves stress, anxiety.

● Removes Lines Line.

● Treatments for hairfall and skin pigmentation.

● Mother’s Figure and Vigor Removes Postnatal Back And Escape Pains.

● Prevents bone wear and tear.

Our facilities

● Female practitioner guidance and experienced female therapists.

● Serene, eco-friendly atmosphere.

● 100% Security and Privacy.

● Home atmosphere.

● Fresh & hygienic food for delivery care and self cooking facility.

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