Post Injury/Post Operative


You may be taken to the recovery room directly after the surgery, also known as the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit or PACU. You’re going to be there for only one or two hours. Upon treatment, if you need an extended rehab stay, you will be given a space at the Outpatient Surgery Center or a hospital bed.

Measure to relieve pain

  • Massages, rubbing of the back.
  • Packages of heat or cold.
  • A soothing tub.
  • Music will help you to relax.
  • Via meditation.
  • There’s something to occupy you, as a play, puzzles, TV, reading.


Your surgeon and care team’s instructions have been carefully calculated to help with your recovery. By doing certain breathing and moving exercises in the recovery room, you can help in the speed of recovery.

It is important that after your surgery, your circulation and body functions return to normal. Through moving about, sitting in a chair, and even walking, as demonstrated through your doctor and healthcare staff, you can support these processes.

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