Due to age-related changes or other causes, this intervertebral disk that acts as a buffer between two vertebrae gets damaged. As disk degeneration occurs, neck movements are restricted; vertebra edges are also damaged and these changes increase the pressure on the cervical vertebrae nerves. Because of this, this condition has many bad effects.

Common Symptoms

Pain along the arms and hands when standing, sitting, vomiting and tilting the neck sideways, a difficulty raising the arm or gripping something tightly, headaches that mostly occur on the back of the head as well as experiencing dizziness or loss of body control are often seen as a symptom in this disorder.

Ayurvedic treatment

The best treatment for vata diseases has been identified as Ayurvedic Basti/Vasthi (medicated enema). Panchatikta ksheera basti was mentioned by Ayurvedic classics in the treatment of osteoarthritis, which is also found to be very beneficial in the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

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