Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Nearly everyone today is obsessed with weight loss. Obesity is characterized as a condition that exceeds the ideal body weight by at least twenty percent. Obesity is usually caused by an irregular diet and sleep pattern, a sedentary lifestyle, a physical lack and stress.

Overweight and obesity aid in conditions such as heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. The health implications of obesity are severe, even fatal, mental illness including mood swings and even depression. Therefore, it is important that everyone keeps their weight healthy but in the right way. The process of weight loss should be progressive; otherwise, the process could lead to health problems.

Weight management should be a step by step, well-designed dietary process, a tailored fitness system, counseling, and effective Ayurvedic interventions and medicines.

Neelima Ayurvedic Healthcare Hospital includes an expected interview of the methodical lifestyle with the perfect diet, exercise and yoga sessions and the right environment for making the weight management program an entirely enjoyable one.

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