It is also available in two formats: 30 days or 41-day plans. A regimen of conventional Panchakarma therapies such as Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasthi and Nasyam and special treatments such as Nhavarakizhi, Tailadhara, and Sirodhara is designed to provide complete mind and body fitness in natural surfaces suitable for the achievement of optimal health and longevity after thorough profiling of the patient and the risk factors.

Additional Perks

● Free collection from the airport/station.

● Consultation with Ayurveda.

● Entry to the chosen room type of accommodation.

● Two big Ayurvedic treatments in one day.

● Ayurvedic doctor’s prescription contains all meals consisting of delicious and nutritious vegetarian food.

● Sessions of Yoga & Meditation.

● Indoor games zone, Access to the Gym.

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